Scientific Publications

Targeting of Heparanase-modified Syndecan-1 byProsecretory Mitogen Lacritin Requires Conserved CoreGAGAL plus Heparan and Chondroitin Sulfate as a NovelHybrid Binding Site That Enhances Selectivity

TFOS DEWS II Tear Film Report

Thermally-Responsive Loading and Release ofElastin-Like Polypeptides from Contact Lenses

Lacritin Rescues Stressed Epithelia via Rapid Forkhead BoxO3 (FOXO3)-associated Autophagy That RestoresMetabolism

A thermo-responsive protein treatment for dry eyes

Tissue Transglutaminase Is a Negative Regulator ofMonomeric Lacritin Bioactivity

Lacritin, a Novel Human Tear Glycoprotein, PromotesSustained Basal Tearing and Is Well Tolerated

Topical Administration of Lacritin Is a Novel Therapy forAqueous-Deficient Dry Eye Disease

A Cleavage-potentiated Fragment of Tear Lacritin IsBactericidal*

Heparanase deglycanation of syndecan-1 is required for binding of the epithelial-restricted prosecretory mitogen lacritin

Biosynthesized Multivalent Lacritin PeptidesStimulate Exosome Production in HumanCorneal Epithelium

cDNA and Genomic Cloning of Lacritin, a NovelSecretion Enhancing Factor from the HumanLacrimal Gland

Lacritin and other autophagy associated proteins in ocular surfacehealth

ReviewLacritin and the tear proteome as natural replacement therapyfor dry eye

Lacritin proteoforms prevent tearfilm collapse and maintainepithelial homeostasis

The Lacritin-Syndecan-1-Heparanase Axis inDry Eye Disease

Detection of Prosecretory Mitogen Lacritin in NonprimateTears Primarily as a C-Terminal-Like Fragment