Phase 2 Clinical Trial

The study lasted 8 weeks and included 5 visits to an ophthalmologist. Patients were provided with ophthalmic drops of Lacripep™ or placebo. Lacripep™ is a synthetic tear protein fragment of ‘lacritin’. Lacritin and a natural version of Lacripep™ are constituents of normal human tears but are lacking in dry eye tears. In preclinical studies, both […]

Our Solution – LacripepTM

The co-founder discovered ‘lacritin’, a natural tear protein selectively deficient in dry eye and yet when added topically to eyes of dry eye animals restores basal tearing without irritation and homeostasis of the eye surface. TearSolutions has developed a proprietary synthetic fragment of lacritin, Lacripep™. Lacripep™ is water soluble, stable in human tears, and equipotent […]

Dry Eye Disease​

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