TearSolutions, Inc - Natural Therapy for dry eye

Human tears supply and protect the surface of the eye. Several tear proteins are deficient in dry eye, the most common eye disease. One is essential and when reintroduced to dry eye tears, health is restored.

Lacripep™ is a first-in-class topical synthetic peptide treatment for dry eye that addresses cause.


Our mission is to develop a topical therapeutic for dry eye that addresses cause.

The co-founder discovered ‘lacritin’, a tear protein deficient in dry eye and yet vital for normal eye tearing. Preclinical studies reveal that a single topical dose of lacritin naturally promotes basal tearing without irritation that lasts for hours. After multiple daily doses, elevated natural basal tearing is sustained one week later. Lacritin is also protective against inflammatory cytokines. Corneal staining is reduced to background and lacrimal gland inflammation is diminished. No other tear protein, nor dry eye drug, displays these properties.

Now, TearSolutions has developed a proprietary synthetic fragment of lacritin, Lacripep™. Lacripep™ is water soluble, stable in human tears for 16 hours, and equipotent to lacritin.

Our 201 patient phase-2 trial of Lacripep™ in primary Sjogren’s Syndrome dry eye is underway. Patient recruitment continues.

Check out this news release from the National Eye Institute and other information and publicity on our Facebook page.